Friday, June 27, 2008

1338. The most popular guess for this device is that it's an electroscope, this sounds like a good possibility though I haven't been able to find one that looks similar to it.

1339. A woodworker's dovetail layout gauge, a slightly different one can be seen here.

1340. An exerciser, patent number 1,638,196.

From Stan Seevers' collection

1341. Still don't know what this was for, most people guess that it's related to either dining or religion.

1342. A tail pipe expander, used for exhaust system repair and installation, or to remove the crimps caused by u-bolt clamps.

1343. Thanks to Steve for sending the answer for this one:
"This is a rifle barrel inspection device; the 45 degree mirror is missing from in the aperture in the side of the tube. I have one identical to this. I was told that all soldiers were issued one as part of their kit."

Similar to patent number 7,180,587, there is also a fiber optic device for the same purpose.

The tube is open on both ends.

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